I’m Brittany Nickerson, Welcome To My Blog!

Louisville Kentucky Photographer Brittany Nickerson

Hellooooo to the blog world! My name is Brittany Nickerson, and I’m so excited to finally get up and running with my photography Blog.

Here are some fast facts about me:

  1. I am based in my beautiful hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.
  2. I have a rabbit named Moe who is extremely stubborn but also just about the cutest little creature.
  3. My husband is currently serving in the Navy, and we spent our first two years of marriage on the little tropical island of Guam! It was AH-mazing.
  4. I absolutely LOVE to bake, as well as make a great cuppa tea.
  5. I love to create. Whether is a recipe, a matcha latte, or beautiful images, it’s all my jam.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, but I look forward to you joining me on this little blog journey.

Take Care,

Brittany Nickerson Photography

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